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Market Research

We are dedicated in providing cutting-edge market research that will be beneficial for analyzing the complete business strategy for our clients. Our business analysts perform a feasibility study of client’s venture before committing the project so as to ensure the viability of the venture. This assists our client in making the most-informed and well-planned decisions.

Project Report

Working hand in hand with our associated project consultant we help our clients in preparing project report to evaluate and understand the finance and overall costing of the project and submit the same for any financial support from banks and subsidy schemes. This offering includes bank loan assistance, tax exemption details and target operating model.

Interior Designing Support

Designing the interiors an indoor playground can be a complicated affair. Many factors need to get right to create a perfect indoor playground. Obviously, interiors in terms of creativity in conjunction with the entire play area can make the world’s best indoor playground and the best people who can make the indoor playground ‘wow some’ is those who developed the playground.

At Funriders we provide our customers interior designing support, working together with interior designers near client’s location, so as to make the play area more attractive.

Timely Updation

In any competitive market, the need for updation and innovation is inevitable. At Funriders we strive to help our client with timely updation of their project with new products the moment it reaches the international market. We go above and beyond until the client is more than pleased with our service.

Revenue Generation Model

Business strategy and sustainability have great potential to deliver returns on investment. Funriders support our clients to develop a strategic revenue generation model of the project and provide them with tactical tools essential for their business development. We will also define a clear road-map of essential practices for our client’s business that will improve their revenue generation mode and sustainability in performance.

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