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Toddlers, as they begin testing boundaries and flexing muscles easily get delighted. They will find every single thing a wonder and every single step a new experience. And what they need is uninterrupted supply of assorted toys to keep themselves engaged.

Toddlers like to crawl, climb, run, and jump and they need toys to meet these needs. As their small muscles develop and get stronger they engage themselves in doing things with their hands like pulling, throwing etc., hence they need toys that they can touch, squeeze, poke, smell and feel but all in extra soft formats without sharp edges. Toddlers will find bright coloured soft toys, shapes entertaining.

Toddler play encompasses soft toys designed and made after much research identifying the requirements of toddlers. The soft toys and shapes are made of extra soft sponge and foam covered with PVC tarpaulin, which is non toxic and fire retardant, so that toddlers won’t get hurt.

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