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Profit And Return

With the majority of centers being independently owned and operated by business entrepreneurs, the indoor playground industry has grown to many 1,000s facilities all around the world. Since the indoor playground business focus on a specific target market, the play environment and equipments should be appealing to children of that age group which the playground targets.

Indoor playgrounds will receive its revenue return & profit by means of admissions, games of skill, cafeteria/snack bar operations, birthday party packages, gift shop and souvenir sales, special packages etc.

The main factors that define the profit & return

Location Selection

Selection of location for setting up indoor play area is the main factor which defines the profit and return. The most important thing the entrepreneurs have to remember before investing in an indoor playground is potential of the location. Investing in a potentially unviable and unfruitful location has to be avoided.

Innovation & Uniqueness

Entrepreneurs need to concentrate in terms of creativity, design, innovation and uniqueness to startup a successful indoor playground. If set out to duplicate someone else’s indoor playground model for any reason, the play area may not bring profit it is unlikely that the play area will be able to attract kids and families to hit revenue targets. Instead, go for something creative and unique.

Safety & Quality

The most prioritized factor about an indoor playground is the safety and quality standards. Parents won’t accept playgrounds that sacrifice safety to save a penny because they know that safety and quality of play grounds and equipments never comes in a cheap rate.


The attraction of an indoor playground all depends on the diversity of play activities and equipments, then only the investors can pull the crowd to their play area. As per the international standards a child require 21 sq ft play space in a soft play so on an average a 1000 sq ft structured soft play area can accommodate 45 to 50 children at a time.


By making sure that employees are trained to attend each single child and administer the first aid facilities in case of any emergency and also take on the child safety and hygiene of the play area will definitely give the advantage over competitors who do not offer this.

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