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Letting your baby play on an iPad might lead to speech delays- CNN Report

August 10, 2018


The study found that the more time children between the ages of six months and two years spent using handheld screens such as smartphones, tablets and electronic games, the more likely they were to experience speech delays.

The first two years are incredibly important for children and their early foundation of language is important for academic success. Delays can be associated with difficulties learning to read and to write in elementary school so these early years, these first two years, the language influence that kids get is very important and we want our kids to stay on track with their language development, because if they’re not, they’re really at risk for having some difficulties.

The best advice for parents, the researchers say, is to interact with your child. The best way to teach them language is by interacting with them, talking with them, playing with them, using different vocabulary, pointing things out to them and telling them stories.


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