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The History

The roots of indoor playgrounds can be traced to the first half of this century U.S.A. The first of its kind indoor playground was not exactly meant for children, but later on few investors added play elements like video games for kids’ in order to facilitate their business by projecting themselves as full family entertainment providers. The indoor playground business began to flourish as new play equipments and concepts got into the scene. Introduction of play equipments and activities in soft format to overcome the safety hazards of most outdoor playground equipment of the time spurred the indoor playground business.

For the First Time

Showbiz Pizza Palace a restaurant company in U.S.A. was the first to install the soft play systems in some of their restaurants and it swiftly became standard components. Soon, Burger King, a fast food restaurant chain, discovered that soft play systems installed in front of their restaurants dramatically increased sales. Realizing the potential of indoor soft play system other fast food chains including Mc Donald’s came up with indoor soft play systems in their stores.


Indoor playgrounds have become a necessity now a day. Studies say that child obesity is getting worst probably due to addiction towards computer, television, high calorie-high fat diets and obviously lack of physical activities.

People are becoming more and more aware of the healthy aspects of their lifestyles, the health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. There is a rapid increase in the number of child enrollers in aerobic exercise and recreational activities and this shows how much parents are concerned about the health of their children. This trend will continue as parents attempt to provide a healthier lifestyle for their children. Another area of parental concern is their children’s safety. In general, peoples concern for the physical well-being of their children has created a further need for a safe indoor play environment.

Business Centers

By providing a magnificent indoor play area along with a day care facility will help the owners make extra income as people working in business as well as the public will drop their kids their as they are engaged in their respective jobs. It can also build the play centers into the weekly schedules of parents with young children. Toy shops and other associated business can also be added to the business centers.

Some parents even schedule birthday parties and other events in indoor playgrounds which will generate more returns. Having a regular visit to the business centers changes a parent’s perspective on shopping and reduces the appeal of online shopping as well.

Shopping Malls

Every day so many people visit shopping malls, more often with their children. It will be very boring for children and they easily get frustrated by the long shopping hours. Indoor play areas are incredibly versatile and can turn the shopping location into a family destination.

Indoor playgrounds in shopping malls can fill a couple of demands. It gives parents a fantastic place to drop their children while shopping, the second is that the play centre business can be built into a successful and profitable venture and lastly the indoor playground business alone can pull the crowd to the shopping mall which will increase the total business.

Hospital play area

It is horrible for children that they have to come to the hospital when they’re sick and sometimes hospital itself makes them sick. But indoor playgrounds in hospitals can bring drastic change in the hospital atmosphere, it gives them a place to have fun and let them forget even about their illness. The indoor playground offers more than just a place to play, it will bring the children energy and enthusiasm.

Airport play area

Flying is more than just fun, but delays, transits and long waiting can taint the children with frustration. Luckily, this is no secret to airports, many of which offer indoor play areas.

A vivacious indoor play area in airport launch can provide the young passengers a chance to stretch their muscles and their imaginations. These indoor playgrounds let the little ones play and make new friends in comfort. The engaging play elements will keep them occupied for hours!


It’s not just a matter of opinion, studies have proven that there is correlation between play and academic achievements. But what if it is too hot or cold outside? Indoor playgrounds are the best alternative.

Indoor playground activities, such as the soft play, climbing series, activity walls, use far more energy still, and will importantly aid the development of arm and shoulder muscles in children, thus improving motor skills and coordination which can help with a child’s handwriting. It is the duty at the same time responsibility of schools to promote safe and healthy play from the school days which gives the children a better chance of growing into fit and healthy adults.

Amusement Parks/ FEC

Amusement Parks/FECs usually appeal to the elder rather than children. Parents and elders will find businesses of their interest, such as amusement rides, adventure play series, arcade games, water rides, thriller rides, NERFS and paint ball shooting areas, climbing series etc and children up to the age of 15 are left with very less choices.

In fact families visit the amusement parks and FECs to entertain their children but there is not much things to entertain them. Indoor playgrounds and soft play can be a very good alternative for this problem.

Kindergartens & Kids Crèche

Having a multifunctional playroom in kindergarten and Kids Crèche will be awesome and kids would definitely love that since kids want to play 24 hours a day.

It is realistic to have indoor playroom featuring soft and cushion effect play equipments, shapes climbers, ball pools etc in a tranquil environment with extra soft flooring so that they won’t get hurt.

Kids Play Centers

Kids play centers often provides arcade gaming zone which attracts mainly children of higher age group mainly boys and there is nothing much for small kids and girl children.

Indoor soft play simply offer more play ability for children of all age groups, from 6 months to 15 years through a diversity of activities like climbing, sliding, crawling, jumping, swinging, and the added stimulation of soft play structure that encourages children to think creatively as they advance and explore a multi-dimension environment.

Residential Projects

Facilities and areas for play act as focal points for communities offering social interaction for children and help in the generation of community cohesion but in residential project there will always be a constrain for the availability of open space to set up play area.

Indoor playgrounds especially soft play provision are appropriately designed multi structured play spaces for children to create a positive, safe and healthy play environment that contribute to the sense of well being that children have with their surroundings.

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