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Play has been central to the physical and mental development of children and it is the primary mechanism through which children become acquainted with their social skill. Although play is indispensable, child safety their happiness and satisfaction is most significant. This is where indoor playground beckons.

Indoor playgrounds are the best alternative for outdoor play grounds because on extreme weather conditions children cannot be allowed to play outside. Parents have to restrict them within the four walls of the house and this in turn will make the children unhappy and restless. Indoor playgrounds are therefore more suitable for and children as it provide endless fun and leisure all year round. Indoor playgrounds provide interactive as well as creative games and activities apart from the conventional gaming in outdoor play areas which will make the children more happy, active and lively.

Matter of concern

As safety and security of children is one of biggest concerns of parents, indoor playground provides the safest playgrounds on earth as everything indoor is made keeping in mind the safety of children. Indoor playgrounds offer safe and quality approved play equipments almost all of them secured with soft format so that parents need not have to worry about the safety of their children. Moreover, indoor playgrounds provide best play experience in a safe environment close watched by care takers. and there will be limited chances of serious injuries and chances of fights among the children. Thus, the level of safety and security of children is rest assured and parents can be at ease that their children are in safe hands.

The Potentiality

The entrepreneurs have identified the potentiality of indoor playground centre business as indoor play centers has become a trend among the general public. It was in 1990s in USA the first indoor playground centre started, since then indoor playground industry continues to be viable for business savvy investors, but it has undergone significant change through these years.

The Growth

The magnificent growth in the indoor playground center industry in the last few years has occurred in the children’s entertainment segment of the industry. The play areas especially for children from 6 months to 15 years have bought about the wholesome change in the industry that is rapidly spinning off more and more new indoor playground centers for kids. In an indoor playground every attraction is targeted to children, say like indoor soft play, arcade games, ropes course, climbing series, trampoline, activity areas, art and craft area, Do It Yourself activities etc. Parents may be encouraged to join the fun, but they are secondary.

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