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We serve clients at every level of their project, in whatever capacity we can be most useful. No matter the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results, and equipping our clients to grow and lead.

As a team of experienced and passionate group of engineers, designers, developers, project managers and creative artists we partner with clients to put recommendations into practice and come up with best play solution.


Our experts give an abstract, comprehensive visual perception of the project exactly as the client imagine.

This various dimensions and indicators which is included in this process:

  • Project area suggestion
  • Playground capacity
  • Introducing new play concepts
  • Budget planning

Product Selection

We support our client in product selection process with abstract and most suitable play equipments for the anticipated project

Project Planning

We plan the anticipated project by integrating the most suitable play equipments and activities in accordance with the proposed site, structure, project facilities & budget and come up with a draft model with rough project estimate.


Designing is an art of creation, it is not enough that create project that function, that look good and attractive, we need to create projects that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun to children’s lives.

Our experienced designing team work partnered with our clients to ensure optimum use of space, the right fusion of play events and activities, the best playability, the finest visibility and maximum safety.


Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering. We make sure that all the finished products, which are at the end of the assembly line, are subjected to the severe quality checks by our QA team who certify the products on the grounds of its strict compliance to the highest international quality standards.

Product Delivery

After quality check approval the final products are cleared for transportation to our valued customers.

Following our firm commitment to all our business clients, we make sure that all the products reach the specific locations within the quantified time, further ensuring the products delivered are identical to the chosen design & specifications and are free from any imperfections.


Quality installation adds up to the perennial attraction of the play ground. Even the best equipment, if not installed in a proper way, might look unorganized and eventually fall apart. Skilled and well trained professionals with years of experience are required for the installation of a playground.

We at Funriders are proud to boast about our team of professional installation experts who have traveled all across India & worked on projects spanning across various topographies, ethnicities, climates etc.

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