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Trampolining and the health benefits

April 18, 2017


Indoor trampoline parks business is bouncing into action across the world, along with springing activities of dodge ball, high flying basketball, adventurous climbing series, ropes courses and also foam pits for people to jump into.

The most successful recreational activity of the West has now become a booming business in the East, with dozens of trampoline park centers open or in the development stage. People have started thinking seriously about the economy and are looking for something new to do, to invest their hard earned money in something more safe and reliable.

The secret behind the great success of this business is that trampoline parks appeal to people of all ages eager for a relatively inexpensive activity and exercise. Centers can offer birthday parties, aerobics classes, corporate events and dodge ball games to generate extra income. There can be pizzas and hot dogs at the snack bar to make the atmosphere.

It’s no wonder that everybody wants to bounce back to health and this is where trampolining and trampoline parks show off. There are so many benefits to trampolining; besides great fun it is the best way to get fit and the most beneficial methods to genuinely reduce fatty deposits. Scientifically proven as the best form of exercise ever invented by man, trampolining is far better than jogging, running, swimming, cycling or any other physical exercise you name it.

The main disadvantage of exercises like jogging and cycling is the physical stress impact on lower limbs and feet.  While jogging a person of 70 kg exert as much as 270 kg downward pressure on weight-bearing joints each time a foot hits the ground and this will damage the ligaments. Meanwhile trampoline takes up to 80% off the stress of weight-bearing joints so it is the best option for seniors, physically-challenged, those recuperating from accidents or injuries. It’s also excellent exercise for those who have been sedentary and are starting an exercise program. Bouncing in a trampoline the springs will absorb the stress and shows three times more beneficial to you than jogging or cycling.  Ten minute bounce in trampoline is the same as a half hour run!


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