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Why Trampolining is the best exercise for body fitness

April 18, 2017


Ways which jumping in trampoline builds physique reduce fat and develop muscle.

Jumping on a trampoline? Isn’t that for professionals and, um… fitness freaks?

Well, believe it or not the simple act of jumping on trampoline can do more for you overall than the same time spent jogging. Trampolining is just simple as it looks. To start trampolining, head to your nearest trampoline park or indoor playground and enjoy the show. While if you don’t find a trampoline park anywhere near an outdoor trampoline or bungee trampoline will work. Jumping instructors usually give the training session in trampoline parks so that you get to know about the dos and don’ts in a trampoline and help you make best out of it. If you have your bungee trampoline, make sure it is placed in a safe place outdoor so as to avoid any risk of failed jumping or jumping out of the trampoline, better you keep a safety netting around.

Pick a nice, flat surface to fix the outdoor trampoline, make sure there is nothing around like rocks, sticks, trees other obstacles that’s very long, hard that kind of thing because in case if you fail your jump it is going to be very painful so make sure that you are in a safe place. Tying safety netting around the trampoline at a considerable height will be much better. If you are in a trampoline park it is all safe there.

Here are some of the benefits of jumping in trampoline

  1. Improves Coordination

Trampolining actually improves your coordination by making you focus on your limbs. Whether or not you’re paying attention to the movement of your hands and legs, your brain is always aware of what your limbs are doing. This practice, over and over again, will develop your reflex action. Those children who practice trampolining will help develop their brain.

  1. Strengthen Muscles

Trampolining is very much beneficial for athletes and other sports persons because continues use of trampoline will strengthen the body muscles especially the lower body muscles. Jumping in trampoline is far better than jogging or hours of workout in gym. Many athletes in athletics, cricket, football, basketball, tennis and other sports often suffer foot and ankle injuries from running and then stopping quick and turning, trampolining not only improves your foot coordination but also increases your strength in the muscles surrounding your ankle joint and in your foot, decrease the chance of injury to those areas.

  1. Burn out calories

Jumping in trampoline for 10 minutes will burn out more calories than a 30 minute jogging or workout in gym. Trampoline jumping works at a “burn rate” of up to 1300 calories per hour of trampolining, with about 0.1 calories consumed per jump.

So, come let’s trampoline


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