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“Take your children to the soft play & leave them their day.”

January 17, 2017


Finding entertainment options for children is never easy. With the ever-diminishing attention spans of kids, parents are constantly in search for interesting playtime options. Throughout the nation there are several indoor play areas that offer kids a variety of options like, sledging, paintballing, gymnastics and many more.

Soft play areas are the most attractive play centers that which provides series of activities to keep the kids (from toddlers to teens) entertained, providing a safe and fun physical activity. Even better, this kind of active play has been proven to help children to develop better physical, social, mental and emotional skills. They can push their bodies to (safe) limits and practice balancing, jumping and climbing without risk of serious injury should they misjudge something. Best of all – there’s usually a nice café for mum or dad to relax and watch from the sidelines.

So when it comes time to plan and design a indoor soft play, the paradigm is to search through the internet and catalogues of indoor soft play suppliers and indoor soft play manufacturers or soft play equipment manufacturers, go for the most trusted names and best service provider then place enquiry followed by project planning product selection, negotiations and then deal. Today, fortunately, most soft play equipment comes with much safer standards and what matters is to pick the right soft play supplier with excellent track record. National and International standards encourage the installation of safety fall surfaces and ADA is making the equipment more accessible.

With years of experience in designing and building commercial playground equipment to the custom specifications of the customers’ needs, Funriders is the most trusted name in the Soft play and indoor playground equipment manufacturing and supply in India. From small standard play systems and equipment to multi level play compositions and soft play structures, we take your input and build the customized indoor playground and soft play of your dreams. It is our objective to provide our customers with high quality, creative, affordable soft modular indoor play structures and outdoor playground systems that add attraction and value to any family friendly facility. Funriders is the nationwide supplier and distributor, offering commercial playground equipment, soft play center equipment, city park playgrounds, school playground equipment, church play structures as well as indoor playground equipment, site amenities, and recycled playground equipment.

At Funriders we provide end to end solution for indoor play areas and soft plays and also outdoor play equipment no matter what the customer needs. We built customer relationships by providing unparalleled design and highest quality indoor play areas, outdoor play equipment and soft play centers for private and public parks, apartments, residential projects, schools, clubs, community centers, hotels, business centers, malls car and so much more!

Our ability to create uniquely colorful and whimsical designs has proven to be invaluable in the creation of an effective indoor playground area. When properly applied, the visual appeal of a themed indoor play structure will allure kids and keep them entranced, while their parents repeatedly bring the their business.


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