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Role Play Activity trending Indoor Playground Centers

June 23, 2017


More often people think of play as part of childhood where high energy children engaged in active play in parks and playgrounds with slides, swings, climbers, trampoline, monkey bars, rockers and physically exploring their environments.

For the past few decades the very concept of playground has undergone a tremendous change and apparently new play concept has been introduced,   the concept of indoor playground is gaining popularity throughout the world. Every day new play elements and particles are being introduced in to indoor playground, soft play, trampoline parks, climbing walls, ropes course, toddler play area, sliding area, activity area, interactive gaming area are very often seen in indoor playground centers. Professionals in this sector is trying to bring novelty in playground and ‘Role Play’ activity is something that has won the heart of  many playground investors as well as children.

Often termed as ‘Preventive Play’, Role Play reflects child’s cognitive and social development. More than a century of continuous study and analysis theorists and researchers have identified the value of Role Play or Preventive Play as a vital component to the normal development of a child.

Methodical research analysis has confirmed a sequence of clear benefits of children’s engagement in Role Play activities from the ages of about two and one half through ages six or seven. Analytical studies have proven cognitive benefits such as increases in language skill, activeness, logical reasoning and selectiveness among the children who partake in Role Play activities.  Educational theorists are of the opinion that important benefit of role play activity is its enhancement of the child’s capacity for cognitive flexibility and ultimately creative performance that is more than essential for their mental development years later.

Researches have confirmed that children who are regularly taken to any indoor play centre where they could engage in Role Play activity has been shown to lead  to  even greater amounts of imaginativeness and enhanced curiosity, and  to learning skills in preschoolers or early school-agers and explore an infinite amount of possible combinations of ideas, emotions, and perspectives.


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