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Right toys for each developmental milestone

December 26, 2018


Toys are the first companions of children that help them perceive the world. The play equipment for your toddler is literally anything and everything! Many of the soft and safer play options are easily found at home itself. You should remember that, the play requirements of a one year old and a two year old are different! Kids are growing every day and they need more advanced level of play according to their development.


Toys for new-borns; 3 to 6 months

Babies perceive the world through the five senses. Their primary level of play is through those curious eyes! Your little one likes to look at people following them with their eyes. Naturally young ones love to see faces and bright colours. Babies are attentive to all sweet sounds! That of their parent of course, and they are all ears for bells, drums and tiny whistles. Toddler can play with their hands and feet, lift their heads and much more!

Play ideas for your little angels:

  • Things they can hold, secure textures to hold, shake, make noise with—squeeze toys, soft play equipment and textured balls.
  • Things to listen to- lullabies and songs, they should hear people talk, familiarise with natural sounds.
  • Things to look at- bright coloured pictures, soft play toys

Toys for infants; 7 to 12 months

Older babies are always on the go – typically they crawl, sit, bounce every time and anytime. This is a crucial stage and you need to be careful when introducing new textures, ambiences to your little ones. Children’s play equipment manufacturers create special set of toddler toys for this age range.

Play ideas for your infant

  • Things to hold in their hands- Soft play blocks, foam balls which are non-toxic and allergy free. It is very important that you should be thorough with the safety part.
  • Things to push pull and squeeze-infants need to move their limbs and have a delicate muscle stretch with the right toys. Foam balls and soft play toys are ideal for this age as they are safer and softer to be held by the tiny hands.

Toys for 1-2year-olds

One-year-olds can walk slowly and even climb stairs. They like to touch and feel everything. Your two year old is growing physically and psychologically. He or she needs toys which teach them about the world around. They will always be restless and move from here to there. They walk, run jump and fall at a stretch! Kids at this stage learn to coordinate their body and walk steadily.

They need things to hold squeeze and manipulate. Especially bright coloured toys and soft materials.

Good toys for 1-2year-olds:

  • Recorded Lullabies, rhymes, and pictures.
  • Soft play mats to crawl safer without even the slight irritation.
  • Pictures to see- you can fill your empty walls with colourful images of birds, animals and so on.
  • Things to build- non-toxic soft play blocks, crayons, and papers.
  • Things to pretend play – miniature toys of real objects, child-sized furniture (kitchen sets, chairs, and play food), dress-up clothes, dolls with accessories, puppets, and sand and water play toys.

Toys for 3- to 6-year-olds

Pre-schoolers and kindergartners have longer attention spans than toddlers. They like to experiment new games and learn something fresh every minute.

Good toys for 3- to 6-year-olds:

  • Things for solving problems—puzzles, wall games, alphabet games number games, soft play blocks, educational toys, building blocks pretend play toys etc.
  • Things to create their own art- crayons, colour pencils paper for drawing and painting, colored paper for new crafts, clay and play dough, water play.
  • Music play elements- Kids love to tune their own music and play with sounds.
  • Outdoor play is important-kids need to feel the texture of sand and mud. Nature play or outdoor parks are necessary for kids to explore experiment and learn.
  • Peer play is essential to develop social skills and kids learn to cooperate with others and take turns while they play.


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