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PLAYING IS LIVING!!!! Let them twinkle in the play world and make wonders…

April 18, 2018


HAPPY ARE THE ONES WHO PLAY AND ANGRY ARE THE ONES WHO WATCH when the play time exceeds allowed time frame…Oh! that’s sad. Hope you are familiar with the worldly acknowledged plea “lemme play some more time”!
KIDS MUST PLAY MORE!! This may be a revolutionary statement in the 21 st century where kids have lot more to do than playing. Never forget that playing is actually learning; the intricate life lessons are primarily learned through play

#Kids fact No 1 #Playground inspires them!
There is no other place in the world that excites children as the playground. To make them the happiest people in the world, all you got to do is to create happy play areas. Whether it be in the indoors or in the outdoors, make sure your play areas capture their best smiles.

#Kids fact No 2# They do love your company!
The best play partner your kid can ever get is you! Kids love it when you acknowledge and appreciate their way of playing. Visit their world often and take part in their big little games. The old saying is true … Your presence is the greatest present.

#Kids fact No 3 # They prefer softness
As their skin is tender they get easily hurt by rough surfaces and sharp edges. They like all things that are like them!! Be it the soft play equipment or the cake packed in tiffin box children want everything soft and smooth.

#Kids fact No 4 # Their interests change very soon!
Kids are eager to try anything and everything! But their interests change very soon. They get bored with the repetitive games. The best way to get them occupied with some thing is to try variety of play options and interesting play equipment.

#Kids fact No 5 # They love multiple play options at a time!
Kids love a little extra in everything they get. Try surprising your kid by taking them to a kid’s amusement park or an indoor play area, these areas offer wide variety of play options that would give them ample pleasure.

Kids fact No 6 # Colourful is their ideal world!
Children love to own colourful things. Choose the bright and happy colours for your little one. When it comes to play area, the choice of colours would decide the ambience inside the indoor play space. Eye catching colours would do the magic!!

#Kids fact No 7 # Play determines their mental and physical health!
When it comes to children playing is the major activity in their schedule. Remember that playing is actually an exercise in disguise. It helps them to be mentally and physically strong.

#Kids fact No 8 # Increase their play time to increase immunity!!
Encouraging the child to indulge in some physical activity and play gives a boost to their immune system. Being physically active creates a positive effect on children’s immunity and makes the children stay active and energetic.

#Kids fact No 9 # They appreciate innovation!
Kids love innovations because they are the ones eagerly waiting to try something new. There are innovative play options like interactive play that awakens the curious minds.

#Kids fact No 10 # Your gentle smile makes their day!
Kids see the world clearer and brighter. Tiny misfortunes and down times do not last so long in their world. They take everything lightly. To be with a child is to be a kid at heart. See the world unwinds before you in the most cherishing way….


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