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Monsoon special: Safeguard Your Play area in the rainy season

June 4, 2018


Rain Rain go away,
Come again another day
Little Johny wants to play!!!

The ever time favorite song clearly suggests that kids love to play whatever the circumstances be. Now that the rainy season has arrived and children are so gloomy these days as they are not getting a chance to play freely in the outdoors.

Parents worry about the health and safety of children during the heavy rains. Obviously in monsoons outdoor play is a “NO-NO” thing. So the most favorable option during the rainy days is surely the indoor playgrounds!

Get your playground ready for the rains, here you go…

Cleanliness and Hygiene

 Since this season brings with it a lot of challenges, hygiene comes first. Keep the play space and surrounding areas clean and dry. Due to humidity, there are chances for water vapor on the equipment which may trigger fungus growth; keep the play area neat and fungus free. Use a disinfectant to clean up the play space and make sure the air conditioners function apt to the temperature outside.

Prevention is better than cure

Monsoons bring not only rains but also infections. Discourage sick children from using the rides as the chance of spreading the disease are high.

Wet floors and mats

Keep an eye for the wet areas in the indoor playground. Rubber mats would be the best choice in the entrance door. Wrap up the woolen cloth mats and cushion pieces and replace them with a waterproof material. Keep the indoors warm and dry that enhances the play ambience.

Clothes and shoes

 Provide additional space to keep wet clothes and shoes. As there are chances for wet outfits which may cause a slippage on the equipment make sure the kids are wearing dry and non-slippery outfits when using the play equipment.

Avoid Mosquitoes

 As rainy season bring along a lot of diseases, keeping your home and surroundings mosquito-free clean can help avoid the kids from mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, malaria or Chikunguniya. Using a mosquito net and mosquito repellent creams will help avoid mosquito bites and create a playful ambience inside the play area. 

Whether the weather be fine? We don’t bother because, Johny is busy playing indoors!!! 🙂



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