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March 28, 2018


Every child has the right to play!!!!

For a while, let’s go back to our energy filled childhood days! The good old days in which we had absolute freedom to be ourselves, roaming around freely without any worries, cared only about the colourful part of life…Feeling a bit nostalgic? Yes, of course. Who would forget those days full of vigour and enthusiasm? Every day was an adventure right? Remember we ran, jumped and played as we liked. We invented new games each day, made our little Kingdom and became the King and Queen. We made a big group of friends who became our biggest supporters and crazy critics. Our play schedules were not time bound and we didn’t differentiate between our study holidays and regular holidays!!!

When we think back we realize that it was from those playgroups that most of our talents sprouted up. We explored our creative minds and invented new ideas. We learned to make friendships, support and appreciate our peers. It was from those silly fights and easy reconciliations that we learned to adjust and cooperate with others. Leaders, Sportsmen, Artists, Pilots… the dreams began right there at the playgrounds.

In our fast moving world everything looks out of the world, things are not as they used to be. Today’s kids are as busy as their parents. It’s true that in our 24X7 working schedule modern day parents are experiencing a roller coaster time raising their young ones and are selective in picking up the best possible facilities for the proper growth of children. The easiest way we find to engage our naughty one is the mobile phone or the i-pad. We relax our hearts out as we see our kids sit silently playing the video games or watching a cartoon.

Laying in that relaxed posture let’s think about the other side of the scenario. We should not forget the fact that there weren’t so many sick leaves in our school days when compared to our kids. We blame the shame of our kids’ obesity to the fast food and video games which make them sit lazily in front of the virtual world. There are instances in which we wonder our kids grow faster than we expect them to be. In today’s world we no longer consider our kids as mere kids since they tend to be smarter and have more ‘technical’ knowledge than us as part of the theory of evolution!

There are psychological and behavioural changes in today’s children in relation with the ‘updated’ upbringing. We see our kids behave like adults in various scenarios and we tend to worry about their egoistic attitude at a very early age. Children from the nuclear families are experiencing a high risk of loneliness in the initial stages as there aren’t so many like-minded people to share their thoughts with. New gen kids tend to be more aggressive and hyper reactive than the older generation. It’s true that our kids do not get much exposure to the outer real world as we did. They have a busy time table for the week days and are even busier in the holidays. Even in the elementary school level, kids are highly pressurised to score high grades in academics and in extra-curricular activities which makes them tied to time bound play. The games they play are often guided by a coach or an adult who trains them and they miss the chances of free play. It is often said that play is actually an exercise in disguise. Here we should not forget the fact that parents and teachers cutting back on children’s play time are literally making the children more lethargic.

Life in the cities has become a complex endeavour since the playgrounds are either got transformed into concrete buildings or parking areas. The polluted environment has changed the concept of outdoor play and we tend to worry about our children’s health. In today’s world the outside climate is often unpredictable and there are health issues relating to sudden climate changes.

What we are now giving to our children mould them as robots than human kids. Our kids get adhered to the technology at an early age which cut shorts their creative spirit. They tend to limit their ideas relating to the virtual reality which they believe to be true and fail to get connected with the actual world. The current scenario needs a U turn to the old playgrounds which happens to be our energy boosters. But the polluted air outside makes the situation even worse. We tend to worry about our child’s security in outdoor playgrounds too. The bad weather and extreme climatic conditions make outdoor playing a bit dangerous at times. The best possible solution we can find is indoor play. Indoor games can be made as enthusiastic as outdoor play with the innovative and creative play equipments.

Funriders the top Soft Play Provider In India creates the unique and custom made indoor play designs that satisfy your demands of leisure. Our creative team understands the minds of new age children far better than anyone else and they create the best possible soft toys with the finest and secure raw materials. We realize that each level of child growth is unique and we care for the each step of development right from the toddler till he or she hits the age of twelve. Our soft play toys are made so delicately, that your little angels would always feel the warmth of your love even when you are not around. Our play equipment like ball pool, trampolines ninja course and climbing offer wide range of options for indoor play. We offer the mini, medium and large play areas in different themes like Jungle safari, Race,Space,Cartoon,Snow kingdom,Candy house,Circus,Deep ocean, Castle, Pirates and so on!!!! Our innovative play idea; interactive game zone, satisfies the technology lovers as well.

Let our children dream, play and live as real children, let them have a blast making noise and having fun. Appreciate and acknowledge their worth as kids, let them be happy about their life…and we can be proud to be their parents.


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