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Kid’s indoor play equipment 2019- latest additions! Add colours to your play area

January 28, 2019


Children’s play area business is a rapidly transforming business space! The play trends change in par with the changing fun demands of new age kids. Technology is improving day by day and our kids also demand something that is visually appealing and creatively engaging.

Reality check – play world 2019
Play has been an entertainment as well as an active exercise for the kids since time immemorial. Most of today’s kids suffer from obesity and learning disorders as they seldom go out and play. Children’s playtime has surprisingly fallen down in the past few years. The irony is that, along with the lack of real play, our kids are becoming more and more susceptible to diseases. The queues in children’s hospitals have also marked a record number of patients under the age 5-12. School teachers and caregivers agree that our kids easily lose their enthusiasm in academics and extracurricular activities these days.
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Children need stimulating environments that encourage them to move, run and jump! Apart from our traditional play concepts, today’s entertainment focuses on multi activity play zones. The high energy trampolines and creative slides have gone the way far beyond! The new play activities include the classic play elements with a twist!

Donut slide

The sliding movement has undergone a drastic shift with the artistic donut seats. Here the activity demands more of body coordination and balancing. Kids learn to play individually and the thrilling activity would entertain kids of all age groups.

Climbing walls

The indoor climbing wall is a thrilling activity for the adventure seekers. Kids would love to conquer the new heights and have a safe landing to the soft surface.


It is an exciting multi player activity that combines the thrill of trampolines and crossing the hurdles at the same time. The meltdown zone allows 8 people to play at the same time. A rotating hurdle moves in the clockwise direction and the players can cross the hurdles by jumping over it. It is the ideal play equipment for fitness, fun and adventure.


The maze is a fun activity for kids, includes small soft play obstacles and soft blocks. Kids are encouraged to jump over the walls and blocks arranged in a criss- cross manner and reach the other end.

Battle beam

The funny battle using the foam beams on the balancing bridge is a thrilling experience. The losers fall into the foam pit safely, without getting hurt.

Spider Tower

It is a fun climbing challenge, where kids can climb the multiple layered towers and reach the top layer. It improves children’s competitive and coordination skills.


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