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Everything Is Set Right for Play

March 13, 2017


Everything Is Set Right for Play

The schools are the most important setting to improve children’s health. Especially, the school playground either outdoor or indoor it provides the most significant opportunity for children to get social and physically and mentally fit. This write-up is a confirmation in evidence to the value of outdoor and indoor playgrounds on children’s health in terms of physical activity, cognitive and social outcomes. In this regard, the article also aims to identify the playground characteristics and activities that are in strong correlation with children’s mental and physical development.

The studies have proven strong evidence for the effect of the provision for play equipments and allocating play area in schools and there by transforming children as active participants, both in terms of play and academics. In conformity with this, observational studies showed positive associations between play equipment and activities and children’s physical activity level.

Play is fun

If asked children why they like running around, sliding, swinging or climbing, they would definitely say, “…because it’s fun.” Research has proven that whatever it is either outdoor or indoor play, in fact structured play, is much more than just fun, it helps to develop children’s physically and mental fitness.

While on playgrounds or exploring play equipments children are actually learning reflexes and instincts that in turn develop their fine and gross motor skills and increase flexibility and balancing skills. Apart from that, involving in physical activities like climbing, balancing, swinging, sliding and running stronger muscles are being developed and bone density gets improved, enhancement of heart and lung function and preventing obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol are other benefits of structured play.

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Being in the playground is the most wonderful thing for children and they never get bored with play or play equipments and activities because it is the creative expression of their thoughts and feelings, and physical demands all interact in the dynamic process of play. Different types and kinds of playground equipment, activities and even new play concepts are being introduced every day both in indoor and outdoor so that regardless of age group and ability from toddlers to the adults and aged, all can physically and mentally benefit from a playground.

Outdoor playground equipment like climbers, swings, tunnels, slides and overhead monkey bars presents ultimate physical challenges to children and overcoming those challenges will develop a sense of accomplishment that leads to higher self-esteem in the mind of children. The outdoor play cum fitness equipments for adults is a prototype of indoor fitness gymnasiums where adults can engage in fun and fitness activities.

Indoor soft play which has become an integral part of indoor playground is entirely a new concept which brings the outdoor structured playground totally into indoor which also accommodates toddler with a special toddler play area. An indoor soft play can lodge all the play equipments and activities of an outdoor play ground and even more. This features normal slides, tube slides, normal tunnels, net tunnels, swings, merry go rounds both electrical and manual, obstacles and lot more.

Whoever it is, old or young, it doesn’t matter play should be at the heart of everyday life.  Every single person need to enjoy a healthy balance of play in their leisure time. Obviously the play environment does have great impact on play experience, relationships with others and understanding of the world of which each of us is a player. Children need good quality play equipments and playgrounds, where they and their parents feel they are safe, and that offer natural features, space to move around and a variety of opportunities for physical, emotional and social activity.


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