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Designing your Indoor playground- 5 things you need to know!

March 11, 2019


Indoor soft playgrounds are now commonplace in cities. Whether as stand-alone projects, Shopping centre crèches, kid’s day-care centres the colourful play areas rock like no other.

In order to win the hearts of new age kids, you should create something extraordinary and something special. Now let’s get into the topic.

No.1 Plan it according to your budget and area

The well experienced play equipment manufacturers have the In house designing facility. The creative designers would create customized playground designs that are suitable for your area. Indoor playground can be set up in a minimum area of 100 sq feet onwards.

No.2 Age appropriate play equipment

Selecting the most appropriate play equipment is equally important as the design. It is a wise choice to include a separate toddler play section in your play space. There are endless choices of children’s play equipment beginning from the basic slides and ball pools.

Ideal equipment list:

For the teeny tots( 1-3 yrs)

  • Toddler’s mini soft slide
  • Soft play blocks
  • Soft crawl tunnels
  • Rockers
  • Cup merry go round

For the naughty kiddies (4-8)

  • Slides,ball pool, Animal carousal
  • Role play activities
  • Wall games
  • Spider tower
  • Punch bags
  • Interactive game
  • Narrow bridges
  • Kids trampoline
  • Twister
  • Climbing wall
  • Log swings
  • Tunnels

For the adventure seekers (9-12)

  • Trampoline park
  • Ropes course
  • Climbing wall
  • Ninja course
  • Meltdown
  • Basketball with trampoline

No.3 Unique design- Opt for customized designs

The uniqueness of your place will attract more visitors. Soft play manufacturer can give you free customized designs that suit your area and budget. The play area should complement and enhance its surroundings. For eg if you are opting for a play area in a restaurant the play space should be tailor-made to suit the specific theme and brand.

No.4 Select the most suitable theme-colours matter

In order to get a thrilling play area, you need to give much attention to its theme and colour choice. There are no fixed colour patterns like pink for girls and blue for boys! You can experiment with random selections according to the play area theme.

No.5 The right manufacturing and installation

The perfect design is completed only when it is carefully manufactured and successfully installed. It will be a great thing to find the play equipment manufacturer who provides complete support. From design –manufacturing-installation and after sales support.

At Funriders we offer the end to end playground support. You can avail the free play area consultation either by enquiring on this website or dialling +91 9072 020 000.



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