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Children’s play needs

June 16, 2017


Soft play centres are the prime provides of play opportunities for children.  Ample researches have proven the clear link between soft play and brain development especially of those children with hyper active syndrome. The bright colours used in soft play can possibly attract the attention of hyper active children and help them burn out their extra energy. Learning of emotional, social, motor and cognitive skill is accelerated, facilitated, and fuelled by playing in a soft play.

Designed to delight children, soft play gives children of all age group lots of ideas for physical activities and to enable them to be more active, move with confidence and control, and to encourage learning various skill.

Play and Structured Soft Play

Defining play is quite easy. It’s the simplest way of having fun, the spontaneous activity of every child, exciting not just for children but also for adults. Play encompasses many things, the body, the mind, patients, and creativity. Play is fuelled by passion for adventure, exploration and curiosity and soft play is driven by these factors.

Soft Play centres provide the opportunity for intense structured play on multiple levels. Certainly the most effective play option, soft play allows children to explore the play area the way they choose, supported by a wide range of structures, assorted activities, play equipments and of course buffer space. Structured soft play allows the children to explore according  to  his  or  her  natural  tendencies,  and  allows  them  to learn  from  one  another  and  to  interact with a wide range of age groups.

Exploring Soft Play

Featured of heavy metallic structure encompassing various activities bot adventurous and exploratory, play options and play equipments, soft play area let children experience the freedom of running around spontaneously and experiencing whole body movement in different ways and directions, stopping, following pathways, weaving around obstacles, crawling through the tunnels and throwing themselves down the slides. Encourage them to talk how they experienced the whole thing, what they find while they were on the move and let them play have the fun.


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