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Check Out The Play Events In A Soft Play Structure

May 8, 2018


Check out the play events in a soft play structure!!

Wave slides, Tube slides, Ball pools whatever be the names… if you love it, we make it a point that it is right there in your play area!!!!
Installing the right play event is crucial in making the play area stand out among the rest. Make most out of the space available in your indoors and get it transformed into an adorable play house!!!

Slides say it all !!!

Slides never get old!!! Slides are the must haves in any indoor play area. We at Funriders are so keen about experimenting the possibilities of slides!! We even have our own epic concept of the HOUSE OF SLIDES! In there we open an endless world of sliding for the ones who are
There are a good lot of varieties to choose from our massive slide collection. Whether it be a toddler’s soft slide or the hurry burry spiral slide or the incredible tunnel slide we bet you get the most fun out of it.

Obstacles and soft blocks

Challenges are always the highlight of play!! A soft play structure is incomplete without a good set of obstacles, balance beams, and climb over humps. The multi colored obstacle set fills energy in the play area. It makes the children jump and run in midst of clusters which teach them to face problems with a smile.

Ball pools

Funriders offers the dazzling ball pool collection to add colours in your play world. The thrilling balls make the play time more lively and energetic. Hope you know that free falls and jumps are encouraged here!!! The soft balls and rubber coated boundary walls help to maintain an injury free play time.

Ball Blaster

The energetic ball blaster is the core of new soft play structures!! The bouncing balls make the whole play area vibrant and full of life. It boosts kids’ enthusiasm as he or she can control the path of the balls using the disc handle. The recoiling balls brighten up the play area and kids would never want to leave the play area!!!

Interactive arena

Our smart interactive arena encourages sensory exploration and discovery!!! It creates a techy ambience in your platy area that primarily attracts our smart kids who loves to play with technology. The unseen opponent excites them and it will be the spot of attraction in the play area.

Web tunnels

Kids love to climb, crawl and cross the hurdles like their superheroes!! Net bridges, web tunnel, narrow bridges and webbing tube crawls create an adventurous and tactile feel inside the play area. Tomorrows superheroes can have a loud blast inside the thrilling nets.

Ropes and Climbers

Kids love to climb up, down and jump. We make sure that they get the most thrilling and safe climbing experience in the climbing walls.


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