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10 Things To Consider When Renovating Your Play Area.

May 22, 2018


1.Budget; the easier way to have a clear idea about the mission is to have an idea about the cost. It is always safe to choose quality over price. Especially for indoor parks, durability of the play equipment is what matters the most, as your play area need to look fresh even after years. Since you may not prefer to renovate the area year after year, choosing high quality equipment would be the wiser option.

2. Right play equipment provider; there are infinite numbers of playground companies in the entertainment industry. Be alert and choose your play provider by considering the customer feedback, quality standards, certifications etc.

3. Bespoke design; talented playground designers can offer you bespoke designs, that may place your play area among the wonders of the world. Check whether you want an overall make over to the play area or just a few additions of equipment to do the job.

4. Make use of vacant spaces; since there are plenty of play options available with the indoor soft play manufacturers, the empty spaces inside the play area can be used tactfully. You can try placing soft toys, mini ball pools or a jigsaw puzzle on the wall will do the magic.

5. Refresh your old equipment; the existing equipment cannot be thrown at a stretch and you got to make it look fresh by repairing, painting and redesigning.

6. Flooring matters; the indoor playground is all about bouncing balls, speedy legs and carefree jumps. Make sure your play area flooring is safe and colorful that may compliment the whole ambience. Proper matting and rubber finishing must be done carefully.

7. Bring on new play concepts; the indoors are always open for innovation. Be a trend setter in the play market. Have a unique idea that goes well with your project. It can also be a business expansion. A family cafeteria or an ice cream parlour would be an add on benefit for your business.

8. Colourful is cheerful; ask any kid to draw his favourite picture, no doubt you will get the paper filled with multiple colours. Make your play area as colourful as you can. Proper lighting and the right play equipment will definitely create a wonderful ambience.

9. Ensure safety; as we are going to deal with little kids each and every corner must be carefully monitored. The proper safety requirements should be met and the play equipment as well as the play area must be kept neat and injury free. Sharp edges and rough surfaces is to be removed and replaces by softer and safer materials.

10. Never take it lightly; creating an ideal ambience for children is not a child’s play. Greater thinking must be put on before you actualize your plans. Make sure you follow all the necessary requirements and government rules for setting up the play area. Every idea matters… Let your project stand out!!!!


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